Friday Favorites (11/18/2016)

This week I'll do a quick share of some things that have made me really happy this week!

1. This Cathrineholm Lotus Bowl.

Once upon a time, I bought this bowl from Retro Wanderlust for a really good price. It is perfect in our kitchen, and is just cheery and bright. Of course, I fell in love with it and wanted to collect all of the other enameled pieces...until I googled and saw the price. My husband did buy me one other piece as a gift, but I won't be collecting them anytime soon!

2. Cardamom! 

She's just been especially cute this week, everyone. I never thought I'd be a cat person!

3. Fun Bracelets

I have really fallen in love with the arm party concept- the more bracelets the merrier! This all started the first time I saw a photo of Iris Apfel, and continued when I started collecting Bakelite jewelry this summer. In the top photo you can see a bunch of bracelets- I actually bought them at Macy's on super clearance from Iris Apfel's line there. Here's a link to my favorite, the big carved one. They are just plastic, but boy do they make me happy! The bottom, colorful photo, I took in a bathroom on our way to see a show that our friend was the musical director of. This picture shows a big polka dot plastic bracelet from the 60's surrounded by Bakelite from earlier on. I've often been mistaken for an art teacher, and I consider that a compliment. I'll just lean into the art teacher/Iris Apfel vibes. 

4. The Perfect Gift

You know who knows me really well? My husband and my best friend. Do you know how I know? They each bought me the same gift! I like to sew, and when you sew you always need a small pair of thread snips on hand. This is a necklace/thread snips combo that I didn't even think was made anymore! I first fell in love with the idea when I watched a show on Netflix called "The Time Between" about a dressmaker from Spain before WWII. She wore a pair, and I thought it was a beautiful way to carry a practical tool. Now I have one! I have most of next week off of work for the holiday, and I intend to spend quite a bit of my time sewing. 

5. Pumpkin Pale Ale from Vine Park Brewing

If you want to be well-liked at Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, go pick up a growler or three of this. I would say it is worth it to drive in to St. Paul to pick it up even if you need to drive an hour and a half- it is amazing. We'll be picking some up to bring home and share with family and friends!  (Note the bracelets again!)