November Books for Children

One of my favorite parts of working with children is being able to read to them. I love reading, and always have. I enjoy novels written for adults, but will always love books written with children in mind. I have a great number of favorites, and I will share them here. 

  • Leaf Man
    • This book is superb for introducing nature art to children, and uses materials readily available this time of year.
  • Barn Dance! 
    • This book has great lyrical cadence and children will be ready to get up and dance themselves by the end! 
  • We Gather Together- Celebrating the Harvest Season
    • This book takes a look at how different animals prepare for winter, as well as how humans of different cultures celebrate the season and prepare for their winters. It shows how all different cultures give thanks, and includes a recipe and some activitites along with a lesson plan. This is meant to be shared during the time of the fall equinox, but I feel it is just as appropriate in November. I really enjoy the full series- four books in the different seasons. I'll be sharing those later!
  • Sharing the Bread- An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Story
    • This is a book on Thanksgiving that I actually enjoy. It can be hard to find a book without mention of Pilgrims and Native Americans (or the crazy history re-writes that often accompany those stories.) This is delightfully "old fashioned" but sticks just to one family and their preparations for thanksgiving. The rhythm and cadence is just beautiful and it is written in language that younger children will enjoy. 
  • In November
    • I can't possibly discuss children's books for this time of year and forget this one. It may be older, but it is a fantastic book. It talks about and shows all the different things animals and humans do in order to get ready for winter, and uses very imaginative language. 
  • Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
    • An old friend of mine gave me this book years ago. I loved it then and I love it now! Fletcher the fox is worried when he sees the changing leaves on the tree, even trying to re-attach the leaves! At the end of the book is a beautiful surprise, and Fletcher learns to love the changing of the seasons. I would recommend reading this book frequently from the dropping of the last leaves until that first glittery snow- and then to go take a walk and find a tree that is sparkly and shiny with the snow and ice, just like Fletcher's. 

Let me know if you read any of these, and what you think! I love books so dearly this will be a regular feature. Enjoy reading these!