We took a detour.

A few weekends ago we drove out of town to attend the most delightful brunch with a few new friends from Minnefabulous Vintage Lovers, a Minnesota group of vintage admirers and enthusiasts. This brunch wasn't an ordinary sit-down brunch- it was on a train! The Minnesota Transportation Museum owns and operates a train in Osceola that takes a number of trips a year- they do brunch, lunch, dinner, dinner theater, pumpkin rides, and I'm pretty sure a few with Santa too. Here's a link for more info on the train excursions. We had a lovely time riding the Empire Builder, drinking champagne, and going out to the back of the train to watch the miles of track disappear behind us. The fall colors were at their peak, and it was so gorgeous we forgot to take a single photo! 

On our way back to Minneapolis, we took a detour through Stillwater. We love ducking into the many antique shops, sometimes looking, sometimes buying. Either before or after, we go have a bite to eat and a drink at The Wedge & Wheel- arguably one of my favorite places. 

Today we stopped for cheese, charcuterie, and wine first. It was as delicious as it looked.

On this day we scored a few great finds: a green pair of bakelite earrings for me and a brown vintage purse (purses are hard to buy for me, as I have a severe latex allergy and must always carry epi-pens with me- they don't often fit into vintage handbags!) We also found a 1950's red sportcoat for my husband that fit him perfectly for only twenty six dollars. Today was one of our "just looking, not buying" days. We had a budget meeting that night. Ha!