Girl Power!

Hello all! As you may have seen on my website's DJ page, I offer custom playlists. I have created custom playlists for people for birthday parties, graduation parties, dinner parties,  baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorettes- just about any occasion where people have wanted their music to be on point, but not have me and my gear in the corner. (That'd be pretty strange for dinner parties.) 

I am a member of the Rising Tide Society, a community of creatives and entrepreneurs. They truly believe that "a rising tide lifts all boats." They value community over competition, and I really can get behind that. Building a community that supports each other is worth so much more in my eyes and in my heart than one that hurts others intentionally. 

Recently in the Rising Tide Society facebook group, there was a photographer who was about to shoot some boudoir sessions. She was in search of music that was upbeat, empowering, would fit the mood without being raunchy, degrading, or distasteful. I offered to create a playlist for her to show off my skills, and sent it to her that night. It seemed to fit the bill, as many photographers said they planned on using it in the future! (Or they, like me, are just jamming to it in the day to day!)

Here's the link!